The Team


Alec Stefansky

Alec Stefansky began brewing with his college roommates in 1996 thanks to a then-overlooked loophole in the UC legal code. Since that time he has been diligently working within the boundaries of the law to create uncommon beers. His active work to create a different kind of brewery began all the way back in 2002, when political trends made making beer a whole lot more productive than combating the spread of nuclear weapons.

Ed molarius

Ed has been in the beer and beverage retail industry for about 5 years doing everything from merchandising, ordering, sales, deliveries, draft line maintenance, to brewing and packaging.

taylor vail

Taylor is an avid softball player when he is not drinking beer or playing with his dog.

Labor of Love is a series that explores the stories of small businesses that are still making things in America. Uncommon Brewers is one of these businesses. As a small craft brewery in Santa Cruz, CA, Uncommon Brewers has taken a unique approach to their product and marketplace.

Take a look at how they are not just surviving in today's economy, but excelling.

Video by Keith Wells   |   Music by Brian Granfors