Our beers are unusual, eclectic, and undoubtedly uncommon.  

A few things should stand out looking at our range.  

Our beers are aimed towards the less explored regions of craft brewing. We’re looking for subtlety in flavor, interplays of malt, hop, and spice that enhance each other and bring something new to our beers.  

Many of our beers are brewed to be aged. If it says so on the can, please find a nice cool place out of the way in your home, ideally a cellar with stable temperatures, to set the can aside and witness the change. Properly brewed on our end, and properly cared for on yours, many of our beers should be deliciously evolving for years to come.  

We can all of our beers. Uncommon Brewers started canning in 2008, making us one of the original craft cans in the country.

We do not make IPAs. Not one. As far as we’re concerned, there are a thousand great IPAs out on the market that mostly taste the same. If you’re interested in hop-forward beers, try our Double Pale Ale. If you’re looking for uncommon beers, then we’re always here for you.


Steamers Lane Lager   |   4.3% ABV

Our take on the classic California Common style, and the first lager that we released under the Uncommon label, brewed with locally grown lavender blossoms. This beer features a heady floral aroma, pronounced Vienna malt character, and a fun interplay between hop and lavender bitterness on the finish.

Golden State of the Oak|   7.5% ABV

Our Golden State Ale aged in chardonnay barrels. We selected 2006 American oak to condition a batch of Golden State with a local wild yeast strain. This produced a beer of uncommon depth, with rounded caramel and malt notes, clean barrel vanillins, and subtle wild yeast funky tartness.

Japonica Pils   |   5.3% ABV

Our newest lager is a Czech-style pilsner that was brewed with ginger and freshly grated wasabi root. It’s a bright grassy pils, as to the style, with a clean malt body and the soft heat of wasabi slowly building on the finish as one gets deeper into a pint.


Flamenco Roja   |   6.6% ABV  

A collaboration with High Water Brewing, this Flanders-style Red Ale was brewed with pomegranate juice and fresh raspberries before being dosed with a lactobacillus culture and given a year to age in a split of Pinot Noir and Syrah barrels. It has a bright berry nose, refreshing tartness, and a dry finish.


India Brown Lager   |   5.3% ABV

A rare hop-forward beer from us, this is a brown lager brewed with a common lager strain and bittered with CTZ and Centennial, and dry-hopped with Magnum, Chinook, Pac Gem, Cascade, and Summit hops. Roasted and caramel malt notes in the body with a spicy bitter.


Bacon Brown Ale   |   6.8% ABV

The Bacon Brown Ale is a Nut Brown Ale brewed with buckwheat and bacon. An initial hop bitterness cleanses the palate for the smoky, savory bacon finish of this brown ale.


Framboos OP Eiken Barrell-Aged Blonde Ale | 6.9% ABV

A Blonde ale brewed with over 100lbs of fresh raspberries per 30bbl batch. It’s amber-blonde with a lovely and clear raspberry aroma paired with smooth malt body and a light wild lactic finish.

Siamese Twin Ale   |   8.5% ABV

The Twin is a Belgian-style dubbel, brewed with whole lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and Indian coriander. It’s amber bodied and sweet on the palate with floral esters in the nose from a Abbey yeast.

Long Form Tripple   |   10.1% ABV

A Belgian-style Tripple brewed with long pepper (Piper longum). This tripple leads with spicy phenolics, a warm pale malt body, and finishes with a pleasant tingle from the pepper.


Baltic Porter   |   7.8% ABV

The Baltic is styled on an export Porter from pre- Victorian England, brewed with star anise and licorice root. It’s pitch black, with bold flavors of roasted barley and a caress of licorice on the finish.

The Whiskey Thief   |   9.2% ABV

The Band of Gypsies returns for a third time with a Smoked Scotch Ale, brewed with peat and beech smoked malts and aged with heather blossoms. A spicy and smokey body melded with soft floral aroma make this beer like a nectar of the western isles.