Beer festivals and other insanity.

One of these days we're going to hire someone to write updates on our website, and actually update the website. In the meantime fans of Uncommon Brewers will have to deal with us brewing instead of doing web administration.

On the upside it does mean that there's a lot of beer and brewery news. The brewery's plans for expansion were approved by the City, and so we've begun moving forward with the installation of our new brewhouse and cellar. Finally there'll be less of a reason for other brewers to walk into our place and ask, "Wait, you make that beer here?"

We'll miss the old bits of junked-together spare parts that make up the current brewhouse, from the bulletproof Navy-surplus kettle, to the industrial butter churn/mash tun... but not that much.

Some new beers are in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for those.

We're also happy to report that things are going well out on the East Coast with Paleewong Trading Co, our new partners out in New York. They're currently selling cans of the Siamese Twin Ale, and should be able to begin draft sales of the Twin within the near future.

On top of the brewing, construction, and expanding distribution, we're also facing a peak in the festival season. This coming weekend, June 4th-6th, will find Uncommon Brewers at no less than six events.

On the 5th our Head Brewer, Alec will be at the Redwood Mountain Fair, as well as at the Scotts Valley Farmers Market "Griller's Delight" earlier in the day. 

Fans of the brewery can also meet our Brewer, Reed at the Monterey Beer Festival on the 5th.

And chat with some of our old friends helping out at The Beerfest in Santa Rosa that same day.

Then on Sunday the 6th, Alec will be pouring up in the Sonoma Plaza for the annual Ox Roast.

And finally, since all of our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized Real Ale, two kegs of Bacon Brown will be making an appearance at the Port Brewing Real Ale Festival, which starts Friday afternoon.

It's a hell of a weekend for the brewery, on top of what's already been a crazy first five months to the year. It's June already?

The website will be updated with photos from our construction, as well as an update to our woefully out-of-date list of available locations, later this week.