Cheese and beer and Sonoma and Sacramento

A heads up to anyone who missed our three SF Beer Week events last Saturday, we're at it again, pouring beer this coming weekend in Sonoma at the Winter Artisan Cheese Fair. It'll be taking place on the 27th at MacArthur Place, from 1-4 PM. Tickets are available at Reader's Books in Sonoma, or through the Epicurean Connection.

And since one beer week wasn't quite enough, we're also headed up to Sacramento to help celebrate theirs. Check us out at the Capitol Beer Fest, which takes place at the Cal Expo from 1-4 PM, with a VIP rare beer tasting at Noon, on Saturday March 5th.

It's nearly March already?

Oh, and a note for anyone struggling to find our beer out on the shelves, we know that supplies are low. The transition to the new brewhouse has taken longer than planned. We should be packaging Golden State Ale this week, with Twin and Porter to follow in the next two weeks.