Getting better at this

Regular customers of ours know that the beer has been a bit... unpredictable in recent months. It was, admittedly, a bit ballsy (read as: insane) to package and ship unfiltered and unpasterized beer. When we started sales in June of 2008 it seemed that selling nothing but Real Ale was fitting with our uncommon vision of what beer can be.

We've been working at that vision for a few years now; and our brew crew has been making constant improvements to their skills. We're a lot better at this than we used to be. That's been reflected in the health of the yeast cells hanging around in our cans and kegs. Quite simply: they're too healthy for anyone's good.

So we've taken a step to ensure that we're shipping more consistent beer out the door: we've added a filter to our process. The results have been spectacular. The first beer through the filter started hitting local shelves yesterday, and we'll have beer headed further afield, to Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Oregon, and some overseas locations as well in the next few weeks.