Good news everyone

Our reach is growing with the addition of two new distribution partners. We've been licensed in Virginia since the start of the year, but only produced enough beer to ship the first few pallets out in the recent weeks. A mix of cases and kegs of Siamese Twin, Golden State, and Baltic Porter made it out to Loveland Distributing Company. If you're interested in finding Uncommon beer in the greater Richmond area, they're your source.

There should be news about Northern Virginia in the coming weeks, and we've started the paperwork for Ohio.

The news about Northern California is even bigger. We're delighted to announce that Geyser Beverage Company will be carrying our three flagship labels across a wide range of Northern California, from the coast to the Sierras, Central Valley, and greater Bay Area.

The brewery continues to be a work in progress. It's a good week when only one piece of major equipment goes haywire. Thanks to a stuck solenoid valve there'll be a limited supply of Siamese Twin Ale for the next few weeks while we resuscitate the poor cold yeast.

Regular fans of the beer may have noticed that we're running a bit light (damn near flat) on carbonation. That's thanks to a problem on the opposite end of the spectrum: beer not getting cold enough. A few modifications to the existing equipment should have our brite tanks down to proper temperatures in the next week or so. Fortunately the beer is still quite tasty. We hope that you'll bear with us as we get though the unanticipated hurdles of growing a craft brewery.

May also marks the start of the summer festival season. We'll be out on the road nearly every weekend until the end of August, bringing Uncommon beer to the thirsty public.

Some of our crew will be pouring up in Anderson Valley at their annual festival this coming Saturday. Our Head Brewer will meanwhile be exiled to Kahului for Maui Brewing's annual festival on that same Saturday the 14th of May.

There will be a more detailed post about our American Craft Beer Week events coming soon. That week will finish up on the 21st with another double header, with a tap takeover here in Santa Cruz at Burger, and a return to the West Coast Beer Festival in Sacramento.