There have been a few hiccups in the recent months.

Well, more than a few hiccups. They've been more like tactical nuclear strikes on the business plan, but we're soldiering through.

On the upside, we're passing some milestones and goals along the way. The cans for the Golden State Ale and Baltic Porter are in our hands. We'll be filling the first runs of those cans next week. They're beautiful cans, and the beer inside them is even better.

Fans of our beer up in the SF area have reason to rejoice as well. A keg of Baltic Porter was sighted headed into the hallowed grounds of the Toronado late yesterday afternoon. That's an aged keg from our repeat win at the Cal State Fair, a beer brewed back in late 2008.

Happy holidays, and we hope to have good news about the long-anticpated expansion in the coming weeks.