There's Bacon in my beer!

A month since the last post, and far longer since we started promising everyone Bacon Brown Ale in cans. It's time to deliver on those promises. We just finished up 257 cases of Bacon Brown Ale, which will start shipping out of the brewery tomorrow morning. Expect sightings in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, as well as in our regular accounts around the SF Bay Area.

We're quite delighted with this batch. The pork is smooth and subtle, as intended. This isn't a pork fetish product. It's just a tasty brown ale with a smooth bacon finish.

SF Beer Week just concluded. Many thanks to all those who hosted events, and to all those who came out and enjoyed the offerings. The festival season is just getting going, though. Look for Uncommon Brewers this weekend up in Sacramento at the Capital Beerfest taking place from 3-6:30pm at the Cal Expo center.