Cans, Canfest, and expansion

Our blog posts may be scarce, but take that as a sign of how much we're working on the beer. Don't trust anyone with the time to update their blog.

Except for us right now. We have video proof of us working, thanks to the guys at Tallcan TV. They tracked down our Head Brewer, Alec, at the recent Canfest in Reno, Nevada. Check out what they had to say about the beer.

We keep getting asked when the Porter and Golden are going to be released in cans. We're asking the same questions around here. The good news is that the artwork is finished. The bad news is that we're still working out the details on matching our ink colors on the cans.

The brewery's expansion is also moving ahead. We're on track to take possession of our new location on the 1st of December, with construction starting almost immediately afterwards. We'll be installing a monster 30bbl system, which means that we'll be able to help out all of you outside of California asking for our beers.

Please also check out the most recent issue of Celebrator. We're proud to have been featured in an article, and can promise that the Bacon Brown Ale is just a few weeks away from its first commercial-scale batch.

In other release news, the Rubidus Red Ale is kegged and conditioning. It'll be available for release in just a few weeks.

cheers.uncommon brewers