Oh yeah, we have a blog

Wow. Is it July already? Our last post here was in... too long ago to think about without getting somewhat embarrassed. In our defense we're brewers, not bloggers.

We're definitely feeling like celebrating on this Fourth of July. As of the end of June, Uncommon Brewers is operating at full capacity. One year into release we're selling as much beer as we can make, and there's now a wait list for new draft accounts. Plans for a major expansion are under way. If you like our beer now, just wait until we replace our piecemeal bits of used dairy tools and Navy surplus kettle with real brewing equipment.

The goal for August is to start providing a regular weekly update on what we're doing around the brewery.

In the meantime, we're well overdue in mentioning that our beer can now be found down in Southern California. The fine folks at Artisan Ales are now distributing Uncommon Brewers products in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Closer to home, we're excited about the upcoming release of the Golden State Ale and Baltic Porter in 16 oz. cans. Those two are expected to be joining the Siamese Twin Ale on retail shelves within the next two months.

Availability on retail shelves is growing rapidly. We're being carried in nearly all of the Santa Cruz-based New Leaf supermarkets, as well as in many Bay Area Whole Foods locations.

Two new beers will be joining the lineup in the coming weeks.

Our Rubidus Red Ale is quickly becoming a favorite around the brewery. A deep copper red, brewed with maple sugar, and the most uncommon addition of Candy Cap mushrooms. If you don't know what Candy Caps are, ask someone who does. The smile on their face should explain everything. This beer is a savory red ale with a bloom of maple aroma, 7.8% ABV.

It will be joined by the Sinister Twin Ale, a beast born out of a double-strength batch of the Siamese Twin Ale. The Sinister falls into that rare category of Belgian-style quadrupels. It remains eerily drinkable at 12.5% ABV.

Both of these will be available to draft accounts just as soon as the kegs are ready.

cheers,Uncommon Brewers