Definitely still alive

It's been a little bit since our last post, but we're definitely still alive. No steam wand related deaths, as of yet.

There are eight batches happily fermenting or aging. The plan calls for submitting the Twin and Baltic for label approval within the next week or two. The Golden is going to follow just as soon as we decide whether to run with our original recipe, or the delicious accident.

Brewing is on hold until we get a few batches packaged, and a few more fermenters cleaned up. Retapping several of them from an obsolete British thread has been an interesting experience.

Three tap handles later, one Grundy has eight of twelve bolt-holes rethreaded. Usually it's the taps themselves that snap.

Thanks to everyone out there for their patience. There will be limited samples of our initial product line available next week based upon an invite-only basis. Please contact us if you're going to be in the area.