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Long hours, good beer

Another 11-hour day wore us down, but the beer flows on.

We packaged up another two batches into cans and kegs beginning in the early hours of Thursday morning. The two batches were blended, as typical for the Siamese Twin Ale and true to the Belgian styles. This was our most aggressive blend to date, featuring one batch that was left to age and develop since October of 2007, and one produced earlier this month.

Below: Reed checks lid seams while Matt and Joel inspect.


Radio appearance

Check out Head Brewer Alec's appearance on West Coast Live with host Sedge Thomson early Saturday morning on the 13th of September. The live show begins at 10am.

August Availability

It's been a busy few weeks around the brewery, but we've made the time to get our beer into a few more locations.

The Golden State Ale is on tap at Mondo in Sonoma, the 515 Kitchen, and their sister The Red Lounge.

We haven't checked in with them in a few weeks, but The Bistro in Hayward also has a keg of the Golden, which may be tapped at any time.

Our Siamese Twin Ale is on tap at the Wine Exchange of Sonoma, the The Red Lounge in Santa Cruz, Mission Pizza in Fremont, and we've recently added The Crepe Place to our growing list.

We're currently sitting on the "Past Beer" list at The Trappist, but hope to be back into their impressive rotation in the coming months.

Our retail presence remains limited, but cans of the Twin can be found at the River St. Cafe & Cheese Shop, and the New Leaf Market in nearby Felton. We're going to be expanding that retail presence in the coming weeks.