Falling flat

"Where's the beer?"

"When can we buy some beer?"

"You guys really do make beer, right?"

Questions like these are all too common these days. Despite our efforts there is no beer ready for sale yet.

There are three ways of doing things: The right way, the wrong way, and the Uncommon Brewers way-- which looks exactly like the wrong way, but works for some combination of luck and sheer willpower.

Unfortunately we can't will carbonation into warm beer. A misconfiguration of our brite tank lead to a rapid and unfortunate depressurizing of our first batch headed to market. The Uncommon Brewers way of carbonating does work, but far too slowly to be realistic. We're picking up a chilling unit and starting over again with the carbonations the right way.

The loud booming that you hear is the sound of two brewers banging their heads against a brite tank.