March Brewery Update

It’s a lovely rainy March day in Santa Cruz. We need a lot more of these! The brewery rolls onward. We’ll be getting more active again over the hill with a new Bay Area distributor starting (most likely) in April. There’ll be a big push into our old accounts and a new major retailer happening then. If you’re a buyer, keep an eye out for Mindful Distribution’s reps in the coming weeks.

The first local permit submittals for the tasting room happened two days ago. We have a plan set into the county’s Environmental Health Services for plan check and review. This also means that we have a final plan set for construction.

Fortunately while we’re waiting for that building permit to happen we’re not stalled out. The collection of redwood slabs we’ve collected is getting sanded down, revealing the grain so that we can select which pieces will be tables or bar top.

They're looking really lovely. This section is destined to be part of the bar.

We'll have a limited release of 60 cases of Tramp getting canned up this week, too. Our annual collaboration with High Water and Bison is tasting lovely with a few extra weeks of conditioning time. Look for those cans to start hitting local shelves, and maybe an appearance at the High Water taproom, starting next week.