Naming the Tramp

We've had a few weeks to watch our massive collaboration beer develop. Naming is a difficult thing. It takes a certain type of prescience to look into the future of something and assign it a name, the right name. The consensus, weeks before this beer was brewed, was that it would be called The Belgian Tramp. We had no idea how accurate that name would become. This beer is a shameless floozy, brashly Belgian-inspired with bright phenols on the nose, deep fruit character on the body, and a surprisingly clean finish.

We'll be kegging her up on the 5th, just in time for SF Beer Week.

Two videos were shot the day of the brew.

Carlo at The Beer Channel put a mic in front of me and asked for details about The Tramp. The result is an exercise in... um... how to... uh... not speak... um... clearly. It gets better once the double shot of espresso kicked in later on during the interview.

It's possible to see a bit more of the brewers in attendance at Brewpublic, where Angelo did a nice job of catching the spirit of the day.

Look for Uncommon up at the Winter Beers Festival this Saturday up in Concord.

We have a batch of Scotty K NA in the baby brite, chilled down and waiting for lab results back on alcohol content. It's tasting lovely. If we hit our targets, it'll be the first official commercial release of that beer. Prepare yourselves for a non-alcoholic wee heavy.