Open for business

Looking back through the posts on the site, there were many points where we believed that we'd be sending beer out the door at any minute. We were wrong often enough that it's a little too painful to count them all.

Fortunately that's in the past. We are officially open for business. If you're a bar or restaurant owner interested in buying our beers, or want to arrange for a taste, there's a new contact page conveniently placed on the sidebar over in that direction ---->.

Direct sales to consumers will begin in the next few weeks. For reasons of sanity and sanitation our facility is not open to the general public.

With that out of the way we have two beers ready for market.

Our Golden State Ale is a Belgian-style golden ale, brewed in homage to our home state with toasted poppy seeds. It's our quaffable summer beer, light on the palate with a crisp poppy zing to finish. 6.4% ABV

A little heavier on the palate is our Siamese Twin Ale. This is a Belgian-style double brewed with a traditional coriander, and an uncommon addition of kaffir lime and lemongrass. An amber body, rich, flavorful, absolutely delicious, and entirely too drinkable for a beer that's 8.5% ABV.