How's your sideways walking?

Regular visitors to the website know that it's updated infrequently at best. This is in no way a reflection of our interest in promoting ourselves. It's just that we're spending so much time running in circles down here at the brewery that we don't really remember the Internet until someone emails us and says, "Update your damn blog."

So here it is, updated.

There will be no more running in circles. We no longer have the room to run in circles. There are 124,000 cans in our way, stacked floor to ceiling through much of the downstairs area. That's twenty pallets, each stacked nine feet high.

The Canlossus

The mind boggles.

The first cans will be filled on Tuesday. We'll be selling our Siamese Twin Ale in both cans and kegs by midweek. Check back in for details on where you can find our first public batch.