The carbonations are imminent!

On the word from our colleagues at the TTB that the Twin has been approved for sale, we've gone ahead and racked our first commercial batch into the carbonation and dispensing tank. As proper there were tears over spilt beer, and a hearty laugh at the almost-required blood sacrifice to the beer gods.

Tighten fittings before they're attached under the tank with less than an inch of clearance between the fermenter and shards of stainless steel on concrete. Just saying.

Our first run of cans is expected to roll off the line next week.

And our kegs, our brilliant, innovative, revolutionary, and unique in the United States, our KeyKegs, are to be loaded into a shipping container... by hand... in the Netherlands... for their journey across the sea, through T.R.'s canal, and up the coast to us, as soon as Monday.

We'll have cans on the market, and available for sale at locations to be announced in the Bay Area, within the next two weeks.

Kegs, the boring old aluminum kind, will be available at the same time.